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Elementary Teaching Degree Plan

English - Elementary (K6) Education Option

Secondary Teaching Degree Plan

English – Secondary Education (7-12) Option

Special Education Degree Plan

English – Special Education Option

English Literature Degree Plan

Literary study isn't only a matter of interpreting authors and texts, but also involves examining institutions, networks, practices or habits, material artifacts, and relationships. Students in the literature emphasis read some of the world's greatest writers carefully and critically, and are trained to write cogently and creatively. Successful individuals who pursued an undergraduate English degree with a literature emphasis include the former CEOs of NBC, Xerox, MTV and Avon; Harold Varmus (Nobel Laureate in Medicine); Mario Cuomo; Mitt Romney; Barbara Walters; Conan O'Brien; Steven Spielberg (source: Business Insider).

Professional and Technical Writing Degree Plan

UCCS Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) Program, housed in the English Department, is intended for those who wish to pursue writing-related careers in business and industry, as well as graduate degrees in writing.

Rhetoric and Writing Degree Plan

Rhetoric is a humanistic discipline, one that examines diverse forms of persuasion across genres, cultures, and historical moments. Rhetoric is also a practical art that will cultivate your ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing. Students in the emphasis explore rhetorical and writing theories and processes while analyzing and producing written, oral, visual, and digital texts. As an RW emphasis with excellent critical and communicative skills, you will be well prepared for professional life in law, business, marketing, politics, education, and any field requiring analytical, persuasive, and creative approaches to writing. Because the study of Rhetoric and Writing complements and enhances all other fields of study, we encourage double-majors and minors.

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