Senior Assessment

All English Majors are required to submit a Senior Assessment consisting of selected papers written in English classes taken at UCCS at the 2000-level or above. (Students choosing the PTW Option in English have a different Assessment requirement; please contact the Director of the PTW Program, Dr. Ilyasova, for details.)

The content of Senior Assessments differs based on the option in English under which students graduate. The specific requirements for Assessments are broken out by Option:

Please choose the option that corresponds with the degree plan you have followed.

Please follow the submission instructions on the cover sheet / table of contents. You must have your English Department advisor's signature on the Senior Assessment table of contents before you submit. Please see the "UCCS Department of English Advisors" list under "Contacts" on our web page to locate your advisor in English.

Senior Assessments are due on or before the last Friday of classes at the end of the semester in which you are graduating.

Once you submit the assessment and have it approved by your advisor, you are done.

Faculty in the English Department use the Assessments to assess our teaching and our students' achievements. We use data gathered from analyzing the Assessments to make changes in our curriculum (if needed) to ensure the successful achievement of learning outcomes for our students.

Thank you!