Submitting Senior Assessments in English for Graduation

Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your career as an English major! Senior Assessments are due no later than 5pm on Friday, April 20.

Assessment is tied to Student Learning Outcomes.

Senior Assessments are required for all students graduating with the following four emphases in English:

  • English—Elementary or Special Education Pre-Licensure
  • English—Literature
  • English—Rhetoric and Writing [Includes Reflection Essay]
  • English—Secondary Education (English—Professional and Technical Writing is separate)

Students who are seniors who plan to graduate should complete a senior audit by meeting with an advisor in UCCS Academic Advising.After you have completed your senior audit with your academic advisor in Academic Advising, you will need to notify the English department Program Assistant, Rose Johnson (, that you are ready to complete your senior assessment. Please indicate your emphasis in your email to Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson will then request that your name be added to Blackboard. You will then be able to sign into Blackboard to complete your required English Senior Assessment. Once you access Bb, “English Senior Assessment,” you will have instructions and a table of contents to complete. Please use the table of contents to upload clean copies of papers you wrote in selected English courses taken at UCCS, using the table of contents as a guide. In many cases the table of contents form will suggest papers from various courses. Please submit papers from the suggested courses whenever possible. These courses are also part your degree plan (DARS) so they should be familiar. If you are in the literature or one of the education tracks, please submit a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 35 pages.

After uploading papers, please fill out the table of contents, sign and date it (typing is fine), and email it to your faculty advisor in the English Department for sign-off. Please click here to find your advisor and then contact him or her directly. You and your faculty advisor in the English Department may need to set up a meeting to review the papers in the assessment. Once you and your faculty advisor in the English Department agree that the assessment is complete, you are done. The advisor in the English department will alert Ms. Johnson that the assessment is complete. If you do not see that it has been marked as complete within a couple of days after you have uploaded your papers and signed Table of Contents, please inform Ms. Johnson, and she will follow-up with your faculty advisor. The final step is done by the department by notifying your academic advisor in Student Success that your Senior Assessment requirement is complete and can now be reflected on your degree audit (DARS).

The English department uses the Senior Assessment to measure the quality of our teaching.