Department of English

The English Department is committed to exemplary teaching, research, creative work, and service

Through engaged study of diverse texts and contexts, we foster a love of language, critical research, respect for evidence, thinking at multiple levels and across multiple genres, and strong close reading. In learning to read and write critically and imaginatively, UCCS English majors will express themselves with clarity, agility, and confidence in diverse settings. The English Department educates students campus-wide in their development as writers and cultivates a responsible and empathetic approach to peers, texts, and communities. We contribute to scholarly, creative, and civic life in the Colorado Springs community and to the discipline of English Studies nationally and internationally.


Effective fall 2018, the Technical Communication & Information Design (TCID) program will serve UCCS as a separate unit from the English department. Students currently enrolled in the PTW emphasis offered by English may continue in that emphasis, and can find degree requirements online. Students interested in TCID can read more about TCID and User Experience (UX) courses or contact TCID academic advisor for additional information about degrees offered.

Omar Montoya has been appointed Faculty Director of the Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) Read More