International Health and Travel Insurance

Faculty/Staff-Led Programs
Students participating on faculty and staff-directed programs are required to provide proof of health insurance for the duration of their programs dates through their UCCS Abroad portal. Some programs may already have insurance built in to the cost of the program. In this case students are not required to purchase an additional plan and will not be required to provide proof of international health insurance. 

For programs that require students to purchase international health insurance, it may also be advised that you purchase additional coverage from an external company for coverage in the case of trip cancellation due to natural disasters, civil unrest, or any other unpredictable circumstances.

Exchange Programs (Semester, Academic-Year)

Depending on the country in which students are going, students may be required to any of the following:

  • Enroll in the country's public health system/social security scheme
  • Be required to purchase insurance through the foreign host university
  • Be required to purchase a sufficient external international health insurance plan

Please note that the first two options would not be travel insurance and would only cover health situations in the country in which the student in studying. Therefore, it is recommended to also purchase a international travel plan.

3rd Party Programs (Semester, Academic-Year, Summer)

All of UCCS' recommended 3rd party programs include health insurance in the cost of their program fees. 

There are three options on how to provide proof international health insurance:

1. Purchase health insurance. UCCS has partnered with International Student Insurance for health/travel insurance for all UCCS students participating on education abroad. Please register and review the information online here.  (may not include coverage for trip cancellation)

2.Secure overseas coverage through your existing insurance provider.

3.Purchase insurance from another provider.