International Health and Travel Insurance

All UCCS students going abroad are required to have health coverage for the duration of their program dates. Most program providers include health insurance in their program fees. All students going on faculty and staff-directed abroad programs are required to provide proof of internationa health insurance coverage. Students going on exchange programs may need to enroll in the in-country social security or public health scheme but are also encouraged to purchase international health/travel insurance for in-transit and travel purposes. There are three options for international health and travel insurance:

1. Purchase health insurance. UCCS has partnered with a provider for health insurance for all UCCS students participating on education abroad. Please register and review the information online here. 

2.Secure overseas coverage through your existing insurance provider.

3.Purchase insurance from another provider.

Students participating on faculty and staff-directed programs as well as exchange programs are required to provide proof of health insurance for the duration of their programs dates through their UCCS Abroad portal.