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Do I need a passport to go abroad?

Yes! All students need a passport in order to leave the United States and enter another country. Students who are U.S. citizens will need a U.S. passport, given by the Department of State. If you need to obtain a new passport, you are encourage to apply for your passport early as it can take 6-8 weeks for normal processing. Please visit the US Department of State website for more details. Citizens of others countries will need passports from their respective countries.

How soon can I go abroad?

UCCS students can go abroad as early as their Freshman year! Some programs may have specific requirements, such as having Sophomore or Junior standing, or having completed at least one semester at UCCS prior to going abroad. This will depend on the host university program.

How long can I go abroad?

Studying abroad can range anywhere from one week to an academic year (two semesters). The typical time frames to go abroad are 1-4 weeks on a Summer program, 1-2 weeks for a Winter or Spring Break program, 1 semester either during the Spring or Fall, or 1 Academic Year (Academic Year programs are generally Fall and Spring).

What classes can I take abroad?

Each program has different coursework which a student can take. Most program search pages in our program search database have information on the areas of study available at that program and links to look at coursework. As part of your education abroad application process you will need to work with your academic adviser and/or your department chair and faculty to review course syllabi from the host university for official approval. All course work taken during education abroad is approve prior to departure.

Can my scholarships and financial aid apply towards study abroad?

Yes! For scholarships, as long as your scholarships do not have a stipulation that you have to be on-campus at UCCS. For financial aid, there may be certain stipulations like that students must maintain full-time status while abroad. International Affairs works closely with Financial Aid to make sure you meet all requirements for your financial aid and applicable scholarships be dispersed when you are studying abroad. It is always recommended that you speak with the Financial Aid and Scholarship office to determine your options for education abroad.

Can I get UCCS credit for going abroad?

Yes! All students will need to go through a course pre-approval process involving International Affairs-Education Abroad and your academic advisor to make sure that the coursework you plan on taking abroad will transfer back.

Are there scholarships for studying abroad?

There are many external scholarships that we advise on that are applicable to either several types of programs or specific programs abroad. Visit our Scholarships page to learn more!

What is a visa and do I need one?

A visa is permission from the government of another country to enter and/or reside in that country for a specific time period and purpose. Most programs shorter than 90 days will not require a visa. Those studying on a semester program or longer will require a student visa. During your application process you will be informed about your specific visa requirements for your program.

Do I need to know another language in order to study abroad?

No, most programs do not require prior language ability. Some higher level language programs may have a specific requirement of previous academic language studies, but also offer entry level language tracks that do not have this requirement.

Where can I study abroad?

You can pretty much anywhere! UCCS has programs in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and all over Europe. The rule of thumb is that while you may not be able to study everything everywhere, you can study something everywhere! Locations that have Department of State warnings on them are not eligible for study abroad.

How much does studying abroad cost?

The cost of studying abroad varies by program selected and considerations such as location, duration and what is included. Please check your chosen program page for details on cost.