Funding Opportunities

Below is a listing of on-going scholarship and internship opportunities that are of particular relevance to students of economics. Please note that not all possible opportunities are listed; rather this list focuses on opportunities that are of interest to students of economics and are at least partially under department management. Please go to the UCCS Scholarship Page for full details.

  • Hoffman Binger Support Fund
    • Annual $3,000 award based on merit and financial need.
  • Bruni Award to the Outstanding Graduate of the Department of Economics
    • This annual $2,000 award is given to the student selected by the faculty of the Department of Economics as the most outstanding graduate of the academic year. Selection criteria for the award include (but is not limited to) major GPA, service to the department, and quality of academic research conducted while a department major.
    • The department thanks the Bruni Foundation for the funding that makes this award possible.
  • Bruni Award to Outstanding Students in Introductory Micro- and Macroeconomics
    • These awards are given each Spring and Fall term to the student selected as having the most outstanding performance in Econ 1010/1050 and Econ 2020. Each award is in the amount of a $500 scholarship. Please see your instructor for Econ 1010/1050 or Econ 2020 for an application form.
    • The department thanks the Bruni Foundation for the funding that makes these awards possible.
  • Cushman Public Policy Internship
    • The Cushman Internship is administered by the Colorado Center For Policy Studies. Details on the award are available here.
    • The department thanks Elizabeth Cushman, a graduate of the UCCS Economics program, for her generous gift of support to students of the Department of Economics.
  • Marion Sondermann Scholarship
    • This award is available to majors in either Economics or Political Science.
  • Tregarthen Scholarship
    • This is a $1,000 award given to a student who shows outstanding promise as an economist.