Course Offering Schedule

The department uses the following scheme for course scheduling:

  • Core lower-division courses are offered every term (specifically, this includes ECON 1010 and ECON 2020).
  • ECON 3010: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory will generally be offered every term.
  • Starting Spring 2016, ECON 3020: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory will be offered every term.
  • Advanced courses (ECON 4010, ECON 4020, and ECON 4810) are scheduled to be offered every third term (with at least one offered each term).
  • Other courses are intended to be offered on an every third-term rotation.
  • Scheduling conflicts, faculty sabbaticals, etc. may preclude the scheduling plan from being followed. Students are encouraged to direct scheduling questions and concerns to the head of the department.