Microelectronics Laboratory

Microelectronics Research Laboratory

Microelectronics Research Laboratory (MRL) is a group of related laboratories supporting all aspects of microelectronics, including fundamental microelectronic device modeling and processing, integrated circuit design and fabrication. MRL links the efforts of the following associated laboratories: (1) Advanced Development Laboratory (Class 100 clean room), (2) Device Characterization and Analysis Laboratory, and (3) Advanced Materials Laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students. The Microelectronics Research Laboratories have supported National Science Foundation and NASA funded research projects. Several well-established companies have spun out of MRL-supported activities, including Ramtron and Symetrix.

Areas of research in the MRL include:  a) Non-volatile memory based on Complex Oxides.  b) Non Volatile memory based on nano- crystals.  c) Bio detectors.
d) Tunable devices for RF circuit applications (tunable filters, oscillators and matching networks). e) Piezoelectric energy conversion.
Capabilities and Resources

Wafer Processing

  • Class 100 clean room with 100 mm wafer processing capability
  • Six process bays, each with a wet process sink
  • Two RF and DC sputtering coaters
  • Two thermal evaporative coaters, resistive and e-beam
  • Reactive ion etch tool
  • Ion milling tool
  • 12 high temperature diffusion furnaces; available for standard silicon processes and non-silicon applications
  • Rapid thermal processing tool
  • 200KeV ion implanter
  • Contact mask aligner
  • Optical microscopes with microphotography system and digital image capture

 Device Characterization

  • Two manual wafer probe stations with probe hardware and metrology suitable for applications to 50 GHz

HP4061 parametric analysis system

  • Agilent E8364A 50GHz network analyzer
  • Agilent 4294A 100MHz precision impendence analyzer
  • Scintag XDS2000 X-ray diffractometer
  • Philips scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray analysis capability

The Microelectronics Research Laboratory is available for lease at reasonable rates to the microelectronics community. For more information, contract rates, or laboratory scheduling, please contact Bogdan Crivin, 719-255-3724, bcrivin@uccs.edu.