General Information

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has a variety of labs to enhance the learning of undergraduates and graduates in their education and research. With state of the art technology, the students get hands-on experience in many aspects of electrical and computer engineering. A short description of each lab follows.

The Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory (CSPL)
This lab provides a focus for sponsored and un-sponsored research in communication systems, communication theory, and signal processing. Research projects have included analyses, computer simulation, and hardware experimentation involving spread spectrum communications, space communications, and wireless mobile communications.
The Control-Systems Laboratory (CSL)
The CSL comprises a number of student and research work centers. Each work center has at least one device to control, which includes Educational Control Products (ECP), Magnetic Levitation and Control-Moment Gyroscope systems, and a Rhino Robotics six-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm. Each center has a full complement of test-and-measurement equipment. This laboratory is run jointly with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

The Electromagnetics Laboratory (EML)
The EML supports programs in the areas of wave propagation, microwaves, antennas, and metrology. Undergraduate and graduate laboratory courses have been developed in the areas of microwaves, millimeter waves, and infrared (IR) diagnostic techniques to support the existing courses in electromagnetic theory. These laboratory facilities provide students with measurement techniques and skills in the radio frequency (RF), microwave, millimeter wave, and IR wavelength regions. The EML contains a large broadband, shielded microwave anechoic chamber.

The Electronics Laboratory (ECL)
This lab is used for instruction in basic circuits design, digital circuits design, microcomputer systems design, and electronic circuits design. The laboratory is equipped with personal computers, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and other components needed to support required laboratories in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering curriculum. This laboratory also houses stations for embedded systems design.

Additional Labs:
Senior Design 228
Electronic/Emb Sys Lab 230
ECE Help Center 232
Advanced Robotics Lab 130

Access to labs is generally during class time only. Access will be granted only for posted building hours. No access may be given after business hours or on official state holidays when the buildings are closed.

For additional information, please contact the ECE Department.