Systems Engineering Certificate

The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers an online Graduate level Certificate in Systems Engineering to qualified students. The program has been designed to provide employees of engineering companies with an opportunity to enhance their systems engineering knowledge and skills. These potential students may not wish to pursue an in-depth rigorous Master of Engineering program but nonetheless desire to increase their professional capability and enhance career advancement opportunities. Certificate is officially noted on the student's transcript. In most cases, should the student choose to continue beyond the certificate, coursework can count toward the award of a full master's degree.

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Required Pre-requisite Knowledge

Technical undergraduate degree: B.S in engineering, mathematics, physics or a closely related field from an accredited university and two years experience working in a related field.

 Evidence of mathematical maturity equivalent to completion of the following university-level coursework

  • Three semesters of Calculus
  • At least one semester beyond Calculus (Advanced Calculus or Differential Equations)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Statistics

Course Requirements

  • SYSE 5010 Introduction to the Systems Perspective
  • SYSE 5050 Engineering Project Management 
  • SYSE 5110 Systems Engineering Processes
  • SYSE 5210 Systems Architecture

Certificate Completion

 A grade of B or better in each course must be achieved. Certificate courses must be completed within two (2) years from start of courses. 

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