Alumni Quotes

"Due to the nature of the MESO program, I was compelled to improve my independent researching skills. I struggled through some of the material, but this struggle is what ensured that I genuinely learned the material. I found the program to be challenging, yet extremely rewarding. I came into the program with a degree in electrical engineering and physics - NO space background. I have a newfound passion for space and I am excited about my future career opportunities with a degree in Space Operations. The education and experience I gained through this program will open up doors for me that I did not even know existed!
Michelle Ramirez, DAF Civ
Electronics Engineer
Peterson AFB, CO
Fall 2014 graduate

"What I loved about the ME Engineering Management program was that it allowed me a great degree of flexibility in completing my coursework, while also providing me with practical skills to develop my career. The leadership course was outstanding in teaching how to step into the management role, and the technical classes furthered my understanding of systems directly related to my profession."
Rita Schrock
Aerospace Engineer
United Space Alliance
Fall 2014 graduate

“The Masters of Engineering in Space Operations was an exceptional program.  I thought the instruction was top-notch with the majority of the instructors having current experience in the space industry.  It not only expanded my technical knowledge, but I was able to apply lessons from the classroom directly to my current job.  Highly recommend the program to any professional interested in the space industry.”

Douglas Hine
Principal Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
Summer 2014 graduate

“The Space Operations program enhances your knowledge in aerospace through a series of courses that prepares you to solve real-world problems in space and advance your career.  The dynamic learning environment and interaction with instructors and other students was unexpected and a very positive experience"
Matthew Canella
Systems Engineering
Booz Allen Hamilton
Fall 2013 graduate

“The Systems Engineering Master’s Degree Program at UCCS was right in line with the current activities at my work.  This program allowed me to immediately utilize the tools I learned in class toward my work while laying out the overall picture and process of developing a system.”

Steven Anewalt
Senior Systems Engineering, OSF
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Summer 2014 graduate

“I have been using my systems engineering classes since day one.  The professors made an effort to show how to use our classroom learning in our everyday experiences on the job.  Thinking like a system engineer has helped me in my job as a mechanical engineer.  I feel better equipped to tackle more complex designs and understand how other systems interact with what I am designing. “
Marissa Wolff
Mechanical Engineer
Kaman Aerospace
Fall 2013 graduate