As advocates for a safe campus community we assist with upholding all campus policies. When students violate university standards and polices they may be subject to the student conduct process.

Student Conduct Process

The University views the student conduct process as a learning experience that can result in growth and personal understanding of one's responsibilities and privileges within both the university community and the greater community. These procedures are designed to provide fairness to all who are involved in the conduct process. It is the goal of the Dean of Students Office for all students to fully understand their rights and responsibilities throughout the student conduct process.

Please use the links below to learn more about the Student Code of Conduct and other university policies that most impact students:

UCCS Sexual Misconduct Policy

Under UCCS policy Sexual Misconduct includes: Sexual assault non-consensual sexual intercourse; Sexual assault: non-consensual sexual contact; Sexual exploitation Intimate partner abuse (including domestic or dating violence); Gender/sex-based stalking; Sexual harassment; Retaliation as related to any form of sexual misconduct described. Any investigation of an alleged sexual misconduct violation is guided by policies and procedures provided by the Office of Institutional Equity.

Protected Class Discrimination & Harassment

UCCS prohibits discrimination and harassment based on 15 protected class statuses. The Office of institutional Equity investigates all allegations of protected class discrimination and harassment.

Office of Institutional Equity Investigation Procedures

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) investigates all complaints of protected class harassment and/or discrimination and/or sexual misconduct. This document describes the investigation process and procedures.

Office of Residence Life and Housing Policies

For students who choose to live on campus, there are additional expectations related to community living. All housing students are expected to follow the policies instated by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Student Academic Ethics Code Policy

Academic integrity is expected of every student. The code of ethics defines clear academic expectations for students.

Student Classroom Behavior Policy

This policy reviews the rules and responsibilities of classroom etiquette.

Weapons Policy

CU policy for weapons on campus.

Club and Organization Conduct Process

Procedures for addressing any alleged violations involving clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities.