The Office of the Dean of Students maintains and administers the University Student Code of Conduct, serves as a student advocate, provides assistance to students in crisis, and supports students by directing services and programs that enhance students' education and provide life-enriching experiences.

Why would you contact the Dean of Students Office?

  • You are extremely ill and will be missing class for an extended period of time
  • You have questions about campus policies or procedures
  • You are concerned about the well-being of a student
  • You want to report a concerning incident
  • You don't know where to go and need guidance

Students in Crisis

The CARE (Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation) Team responds to the health and safety of our students, and assists students in crisis situations.  If you are concerned about student wellbeing for any reason, the CARE Team may be able to help.

The team is coordinated by the Dean of Students. Representatives from the Counseling Center and UCCS Police Department serve on the team, and additional staff and faculty members are consulted as necessary. The team will confer and provide the most appropriate support mechanism to resolve the situation.

Contacting the CARE Team

Click HERE to make an electronic report,
or contact any core member of the CARE Team

Dean of Students: 719-255-3091

Wellness Center: 719-255-4444

Public Safety: 719-255-3111

Contact Us

Dean of Students Office
Main Hall 201

Steve Linhart
Dean of Students

Lisa Potoka
Assistant Dean of Students

Sarah Harring
Student Services Assistant

Alex Baker
Case Manager 

Ray Fisco
Prevention and Outreach Manager