About Our Vice Chancellor

Andrea O'Reilly Herrera

Associate Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Andrea O'Reilly Herrera is a Professor of Literature and Women’s and Ethnic Studies, co-founder of the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity & Inclusion, and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.  She is a President’s Teaching Scholar and the recipient of the University of Colorado system-wide Thomas Jefferson Award, Elizabeth E. Gee Memorial Lectureship Award, and the Chase Faculty Community Service Award.  She was also selected as a Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies and completed a residency in Lublin, Poland in 2006.  Her publications include a collection of testimonial expressions drawn from the Cuban exile community and their children residing in the United States (ReMembering Cuba: Legacy of a Diaspora, University of Texas Press, 2001); a novel (The Pearl of the Antilles, Bilingual/Review Press, 2001); an edited collection of essays (Cuba: Idea of a Nation Displaced, SUNY Press, 2007); and the co-edited textbook The Matrix Reader: Examining the Dynamics of Oppression and Privilege (McGraw Hill, 2008), which presents an intersectional approach to the study of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality ad ability.  Her most recent work is a monograph titledCuban Artists Across the Diaspora: Setting the Tent Against the House (University of Texas Press, 2011), and The Absence of Presence, a play based on her novel.