ICAT Overview


Inclusive Campus Action Team


Many UCCS students, staff, and faculty are deeply concerned when our campus does not fully include people of all different social identities:  races, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, gender expression, military status, etc. Still, it is not always clear where to share these concerns or how every person can contribute to building a more inclusive environment. ICAT has been created to help guide educational efforts around inclusiveness and to connect people with appropriate resources and reporting processes.


ICAT will be convened by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusiveness (AVCDI).  The ICAT-Core will include the AVCDI, the Director of MOSAIC, and the Director of Emergency Management. ICAT Core will receive, monitor, and refer inclusiveness concerns raised by UCCS members. A broader ICAT committee with representation from student support offices and key campus constituencies will review broader trends and oversee inclusiveness programming.  


  •  ICAT will develop programming that builds awareness and capacities to support inclusiveness.
  •  ICAT will register and follow-up on inclusiveness concerns that are not complaints about specific identified individuals.
  •  ICAT will channel complaints regarding specific individuals to appropriate authorities for investigation and resolution. 
  •  ICAT will facilitate communication with community members who raise inclusiveness concerns and follow up on cases referred for action.


The ICAT-Core will respond continuously to inclusiveness concerns that are raised by UCCS community members, make appropriate referrals for follow up action, and involve the broader ICAT group and campus leadership as needed. ICAT will meet as a whole at least  once per semester to monitor broader trends and advise on inclusiveness programming.


Telephone and e-mail (put ICAT Concern in subject line)

  •  Kee Warner, Associate VC for Diversity and Inclusiveness, 719.255.3203kwarner@uccs.edu
  •  Anthony Cordova, Director of MOSAIC
  •  Steve Linhart, Director of Judicial Affairs/Emergency Management

Inclusiveness Concerns webpage

  •  www.uccs.edu/diversity/inclusivenessconcerns