Alternate Format Books

How to Request Alternative Media

  • Register with the Disability Services Office and get an accommodation
  • Do your own preliminary research to find books
  • Provide proof of purchase (receipt or the book itself)
  • Request books early.  They can take up to 6 weeks!

Request Books (Form)

Alternative Media Policies:

  • This request is for a required textbook for a course for which I am enrolled at UCCS. 
  • I am registered with the UCCS Disability Services Office and have been approved for this accommodation by them. 
  • I legally own the book(s) and have delivered proof of purchase to the Assistive Technology Specialist.
  • I understand that UCCS permits me to use these instructional materials solely for my own educational purposes.   I understand that these materials are protected by copyright laws. I understand and agree that they must not be reproduced, modified or shared in any form or by any means including but not limited to photocopying, recording, web distribution, or copied onto another storage device or system – without the permission of the publisher.
  • I understand requests should be placed at least 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Submitting after this time may delay the accommodation.