Faculty Accommodation Letter

In order to receive accommodations for a disability, students must register with Disability Services. Disability Services reviews qualifying documentation and determines what accommodations are appropriate. Students receive a Faculty Accommodation Letter, which they will provide to faculty. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and disability accommodations cannot be provided until a Faculty Accommodation Letter has been given to the faculty member. While we encourage students to identify and register at the beginning of the semester, students may identify and register with Disability Services at any time.

When you receive a Faculty Accommodation Letter:

1. Meet with the student privately to discuss accommodations. 
2. Keep the student's status confidential. Students do not need to identify their disability. 
3. Be aware of your assumptions and personal reactions to disability issues.
4. Expect students with disabilities to meet the same academic standards as their peers. 
5. Keep the Faculty Accommodation Letter for reference. 
6. Provide a blue Testing Center Form and digital copy of exam to dservice@uccs.edu if test accommodations are requested. 
7. Contact Disability Services if you have any questions or concerns.