Accessibility Requirements in Class Roster

Disability Services has collaborated with various campus partners to integrate accessibility information and approved accommodations into instructors' view of the Class Roster in UCCS Faculty Toolkit. For more information related to this integration in the accessibility requirements in the UCCS Faculty Toolkit, please see below. If you have additional questions about disability-related information in your Faculty Toolkit, please email


How do I know if students in my course have approved accommodations?

Accessibility information is available in the UCCS Faculty Toolkit for each course an instructor is assigned. When an instructor's course contains students who have registered with Disability Services and received approved accommodations, a blue "Accessibility Requirements" hyperlink appears above the class roster list.
Screenshot of a class registration with a specific link for accessibility requirements


Clicking the "Accessibility Requirements" link will display the list of accommodations approved for that course, along with how many students have requested each accommodation.
Screenshot of the accessibility requirements



What are my responsibilities if I see accommodations appear in the accessibility requirements for my course?

Although instructors are able to see approved accommodations in their courses through the accessibility requirements data in the faculty portal, students are responsible for approaching instructors directly to request and arrange accommodations for each course. For students, this involves sharing their faculty accommodation letter from Disability Services with each instructor from whom they are requesting accommodations. For additional details, please see the "Faculty Accommodation Letter" page of our website.

Why can't I see the names and disabilities that correspond to accessibility requirements or accommodations in my course?

Disability Services does not disclose identifying information about any of the students registered with our office. Accessibility data is available in the UCCS Faculty Toolkit to notify instructors of accommodations they may be asked to provide throughout the semester.

How is the accessibility data updated in the faculty Class Roster?

Because accessibility data in the Class Roster is synced with Campus Solutions, accommodation information for each course is updated in real-time as students enroll in new courses and accommodations are approved by Disability Services.