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The Flying Carrot

The Flying Carrot is an innovative mobile project that fosters food awareness and empowers individuals to improve the well-being of themselves, the community, and the planet by providing creative hands-on experiences, building cooking skills, and improving access to local, seasonal, and sustainable food.

Flying Carrot Going to School

With local food from farmers, UCCS’ Flying Carrot Team promotes healthy eating and active lifestyles using fun inspiring strategies inside and outside of the classroom.

Flying Carrot at Colorado Farm & Art Market

At the Market, the Flying Carrots build the link between local farmers and eaters, teaching what’s currently in season, how it’s cooked and where it can be purchased. Market goers come with pleasure to taste student-developed creations, being inspired to give it a try at home. Local food is experienced form seed to plate and brings back the simple yet rich of a nourishing meal connected to the lands through its farmers.

Flying Carrot in the Community

Food literacy is needed everywhere but the question is how it’s taught. Through experimental learning, digging, harvesting, washing, chopping and cooking, kids and adults rediscover the beauty of food and learn where to purchase locally, stretching their dollar with smiles spreading across the kitchen table all the way to our farmers.

Flying Carrot at UCCS

At the Farmhouse, the Food Literacy Team prepares for community events. But that’s not all, The Carrot Team supports educational initiatives across campus with delicious tasters, Farmhouse projects with SWELL, Food Next Door, and other UCCS Health and Wellness strategies, bring local food to conversation.



Food Consciousness From the Ground Up - Venetucci Farm from Dave Gardner on Vimeo.

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