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Food Next Door

Every Monday night, UCCS Health Sciences students prepare around 150 delicious, local, and healthy meals, which are served on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11AM to 2PM. Weekly meal choices include your choice of a seasonal vegetarian SWELL Lunch, a homemade vegetarian burger, or a "protein-flip" burger, which is comprised of 50% local beef and 50% grains, beans, veggies, herbs, and spices. The produce for these meals is harvested each Monday morning from our UCCS Farm. Weekly harvest includes seasonal vegetables, greens, garlic, and fresh herbs. Most ingredients are grown locally on campus, in the nearest watershed (e.g., Fountain Creek, Arkansas River), and across the state of Colorado by farmers we know, including our own campus farmers (see "Dining and Hospitality Services Local Food Map"). Food Next Door's weekly cyclic process, which is managed by SWELL Graduate Assistants, hired by Dining and Hospitality Services, is shown in Figure I below.


Food Next Door was entered into The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) yearly contest for the Most Innovative Wellness & Nutrition Program

This annual contest recognizes colleges and universities that have implemented a unique and effective wellness or nutrition program during the previous year.  Congratulations to the 2016 winning schools:
·Bronze: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Below is the winning video that was entered into the NACUFS contest.


What's considered local at UCCS?

 Food Next Door  Food grown on UCCS campus and in the Fountain Creek and Arkansas River watershed
 Local  Food grown in Colorado
 Regional  Food grown as close to Colorado as possible, such as in neighboring states (e.g., Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and others depending on season)


SWELL meals include plant-based, balanced meals and a protein flip SWELL burger, both menu options aiming for what SWELL stands for - good for you and good for the planet. SWELL burgers specifically include better but less meat (http://www.slowfoodusa.org/slow-meat) complemented by beans, heritage and ancient grains, mushrooms, veggies, herbs, and spices. The Protein Flip was first introduced by Menus of Change- a collaboration between the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (www.menusofchange.com). SWELL meals and burgers are now served at the main retail location, Café 65, each Tuesday and Wednesday, and they sell out fast. This project is student-driven and offers a living learning laboratory experience that ties locally and campus-grown ingredients to creative recipe design and food literacy education, linking health and sustainability through local Food produced Next Door.

The name of this local food station, Food Next Door, was created by students attending Linda Kogan's "Sustainable Me" Freshmen Seminar. Linda Kogan is the Director of the Office of Sustainability at UCCS, which works closely with SWELL.

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