Green2Go Take-out Container System

How to use Green2Go containers

To further the campus’s sustainability efforts, DHS is implementing a ‘Reusable To-Go’ program utilizing the latest technology. The Green2Go system was funded by the Green Action Fund, with the goal of reducing the use of compostable products in our retail operations. The cost of compostable containers is built into menu prices, so these costs are passed on to all customers. By opting-in to the Green2Go initiative, you will reduce your purchase price for select stations that would otherwise use compostable clamshell style containers.

How does it all work?

  1. Ask for the Green2Go container at select stations in Cafe 65 or Clyde’s
  2. At the register, pay a one-time purchase of $1.00 for the container in addition to your meal. 
  3. Once you're done eating, return the Green2Go container to the OZZI machine located next to the condiment counter in Cafe 65.
  4. Follow directions on OZZI machine, and receive your token that can be used on your next retail purchase.
  5. On your next purchase at Cafe 65 or Clyde’s, request that your food be placed in a clean Green2Go container and you will be asked for your token at the cashier station. If you do not have a token, you will need to purchase the Green2Go container for $1.00 as part of your transaction.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 and help us reduce waste at UCCS!

No, only the select stations use the large clam-shell containers.

DHS will remove the dirty containers from the OZZI machine and wash them in a commercial dishwashing machine.

You will need to purchase a container for $1.00.

You will need to purchase a new container to get back in the system.

No, tokens can only be used for containers.

For health and safety reasons, only properly cleaned and sanitized containers handled by DHS can be used in service areas. This protects the health and safety of all everyone.

No, you own the container which is good for over 300 uses. Think of it as having your own reusable coffee cup.

You may purchase as many Green2Go containers that you need for $1.00 each.

Traditional compostable containers will be utilized in these incidents. The OZZI machine is networked to track usage and technical errors.