Sustainability Practices at DHS

From the Latin sustinere to hold up, maintain, support, or endure, sustainability is one of the core values at DHS.  We are committed to making well-thought out, strategic choices in our purchasing and operational decision-making with the goal of not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

These are some of the highlights of how we operate:


  • Cage-free liquid eggs from Abbotsford Farms
  • Organic, Rainforest certified coffee roasted in Denver, along with single origin Kenyan Coffee from the Harambee Foundation
  • Organic salad greens and spinach
  • Antibiotic-free chicken and beef from Red Bird, Coleman, Ranch Foods Direct, and Frontier Valley Meats
  • Local farms such as Arkansas Valley Organic Growers and our own Greenhouse
  • Sustainable seafood from Sea to Table and Seattle Seafood, including Marine Stewardship Council certified
  • Dairy from Meadow Gold Dairy – rBGH free
  • Bread from Harvest Moon Bakery
  • 100% of Clyde’s beers and wine are made in Colorado
  • Small local producers like Front Range Granola, Blue Moon Pesto and Granola, Elevation Ketchup, Rocky Mountain Soda, BoBo Bars, Haystack Mountain Cheese Company, Two Leaves Tea Company, Extraordinary Ingredients,


Cleaning, Dishware, and Eco-Friendly Incentives

  • Reusable containers in Retail from OZZI
  • Residential dining halls are tray-less
  • Compostable wares for Retail and Catering
  • Reusable mug incentive in Retail operations
  • No Styrofoam or plastic used
  • Elimination of plain bottled water and installation of bottle faucets
  • Green chemicals from Diversey
  • Green chemicals from Ecolab


Food Composting and Diversion

  • All dining operations compost pre and post-consumer waste, either on-campus or through commercial operators.
  • Food waste audits are conducted on an ongoing basis in Residential Dining.
  • Perishable food is donated to the Colorado Springs Food Rescue. Much of the food is delivered by volunteers to a variety of local organizations utilizing bike trailers.



  • Our new Roaring Fork Dining Hall will be certified LEED Gold.
  • New equipment or updates include smart hood systems, Energy Star appliances, LED and motion-sensor lighting, and water-saving dish machines.
  • The Dyson Airblade is available to use in the Roaring Fork dining hall and costs an average of $43 to run for a year. That’s up to 97% less than paper towels.



  • Recycle all materials such as cans, cardboard, plastics (1-7) and glass
  • We work with Filta to micro-filter our fryer oil, extending usable life.  Filta then recycles the used oil and turns into biodiesel.


DHS supports the Colorado Springs community by donating unconsumed food to the Colorado Springs Food Rescue. The Rescue delivers food to one of 50 organizations and groups they serve, including shelters, low-income elderly housing, low-income working families, and school food programs. Learn more about the great work the Rescue does at

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