Committee for Healthy Eating and Wellness (C.H.E.W.)


The Committee for Healthy Eating and Wellness is constituted to provide student, faculty, and staff perspectives, feedback, and advice to Dining and Hospitality Services (DHS). DHS units on campus include Café 65, four Sanatorium Grounds coffee shops, Clyde’s Gastropub, Catering, The Lodge, and Roaring Fork. CHEW collaborates with DHS to help deliver the best food service to campus with an emphasis on student employment, nutrition, educational events, global menus, and sustainability.


The following are examples of topics considered by CHEW:

Hours of operation; menu variety and structure (vegan, vegetarian, international); hours of operation; meal plans; Clyde's Cash; food quality; nutrition; customer satisfaction; social media use; campus donations; catering program; new initiatives, national competitions (NACUFS); and local food procurement.


The Director of DHS will serve as chair of CHEW. RHA and SGA will appoint 2-3 students each for the academic year. Other members include: a faculty representative appointed by the Faculty Assembly President, a university staff representative appointed by Staff Council, Director of the University Center, Director of Residence Life, a member of the Sustainability Department, one Residential Dining Manager, and the Retail Dining Manager. The members list can be changed based upon recommendations of the committee.

Frequency of Meetings

CHEW will meet monthly based on a committee consensus of day and time. This will typically be a Friday from 11-100pm at a rotating location (The Lodge, Café 65, and Roaring Fork). The Chair will send out invites with a minimum two weeks’ notice.

Agenda Topics

All members are encouraged to submit agenda items to the Chair two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting. CHEW is driven by member input so participation is vital.


The Chair will be responsible for keeping general notes from each meeting or will assign a meeting secretary. Meetings may be recorded at a future time and archived. A CHEW webpage will host meeting topics and discussions.


Minutes for April 8, 2016

This was the first meeting of the newly constituted CHEW. Topics raised for general discussion included group tabling guidelines for Roaring Fork and The Lodge; opening a late night venue for meal service; utilization of OZZI containers in Residential dining for take-out of meals; and more availability of hot meals outside of hot meal service periods during continuous dining at The Lodge. Mark also addressed whether SGA and RHA would like regular attendance by a member of the DHS staff at their meetings. The consensus is that CHEW lunch meetings should be held monthly during the academic year and locations would rotate between The Lodge, Roaring Fork, and Café 65. The next CHEW meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 6 at The Lodge, marking the final meeting of the academic year.


Minutes for May, 2016

Make doughnuts available by the dozen for purchase and include on Catering menu; Columbine coffee shop food runs low or is out by 11am; Columbine coffee needs more food variety; need to improve marketing to faculty and staff for dining operations and available meal plans and Munch Money; next meeting will be at the end of September at The Lodge; branding update on Sanatorium Grounds (sleeves, uniforms); update given on The Lodge renovation; Alpine Express C-Store opening in September.

Minutes for September, 2016

-The group decided to meet once per month, at rotating DHS locations
-We reviewed all the special events for residential dining, very good feedback received from group
-Review of the catering exemption policy, is it time to review again
-Dining does not get much feedback, we need help from RHA and other groups.
-Announced Sea to Shining Sea Sustainable Seafood Dinner
-Alpine Express opened on Sept 26, Grand Opening is on October 5, RHA is assisting
-Director and Chef offered to attend any future RHA meeting if invited

Minutes for October, 2016

-Alpine Express is enjoying robust sales
-Ralph suggested pizza delivery service at night
-Feedback on The renovated Lodge and menus very positive
-Discussion whether student organizations know about the DHS donation fund. Will address with OSA
-Does social media work for reaching students; discussion was not conclusive other than agreement on ineffectiveness of email.

Minutes for November, 2016

-Discussed new CHEW Bylaws draft language, there was concern about the lack of student involvement/interest in participating.
-Update in Alpine Express and coffee shop revenue
-Reminder of Sea to Shining Sea event in December

No Meeting

Minutes for February, 2017

In attendance: Mark Hayes, Ralph Giese, Jeff Davis, Chad Garland, Tamara Cannafax, Jonathan Graves, Elliott Blessman, Mary Alice Long, Okiaofe Ikimalo, Thomas Huang, Joseph Vijayam, Joel Bagley

-Presented the new continuous weekend dining at The Fork for 2017-18, positive feedback
-Discussed potential residential dining special events in 2017-18
-Offered again to attend a RHA meetings
-Spoke about potential Osborne coffee cart pending facility review and College interest.
-May add pizza service to Evening Alpine Express shift in 2017-18
-Addressed budgetary impact of new minimum wage on dining
-Announced summer conferences will be served at Roaring Fork
-Announced The Flying Carrot will be brought under the DHS umbrella and how programming may be integrated
-Discussed possibility of new sushi station in Café 65. The general opinion was that it would not be very successful given our student base.
-Ralph suggested that Alpine Express be open during the summer when conference attendee numbers are high. It is better to buy from us than use the vending machines was the narrative.
-Suggestion to advertise The Dine with your Professor program permanently on the table tents. Only a few coupons have been used all year.

Minutes for March, 2017

In attendance: Mark Hayes, Jeff Davis, Jordan Zepeda, Heather Wagner, Elliott Blessman
Absent: Chad Garland, Ralph Giese, Mary Alice Long, Tamara Cannafax, Okiaofe Ikimalo, Thomas Huang, Joseph Vijayam, Joel Bagley

-Only one student comment, allow more than 1 piece of fruit to be carried out of dining halls
-Mark updated on Osborne coffee, still waiting on plumbing estimate
-Mark updated on FORKED! culinary competition, only 1 team, need 4 to continue with the competition
-Mark reviewed menu plans for RF and Lodge, longer 4 week seasonal menus, and international focus at Fork’s World Plates station
-Mark updated on SGA ice cream tasting project in Café 65 on April 25
-Mark addressed minimum wage and student budget for FY18 - $1+ million in wages
-Mark reminded everyone that Late Night Exam Breakfast is Monday, May 8, with marketing right after spring break.

Minutes for April, 2017

In attendance: Mark Hayes, Jonathan Graves, Elliott Blessman, Mary Alice Long, Chad Garland, All others absent

-Finals Fuel, Monday, May 8, 930-1130pm
-RF menu for next year
-RF continuous dining on weekend
-FORKED cancelled due to lack of interest
-Munch Money becoming Clyde’s Cash
-Working on a commuter/staff plan full year plan
-Farm stand this summer with UCCS Farm produce
-AVOG CSA shares may be available at The lane Center
-Music in Roaring Fork
-2 NACUFS competition packets submitted this year, results by first week of May
-6 graduate assistants next year, 20 hours/week, plus $3000 scholarships
-Dish Amnesty program, boxes in Monarch and La Plata
-Blender bikes for Roaring Fork, similar to UC Boulder
-Summer meal plans 20 and 10 block plans
-Standalone coffee shop is waiting until after internal loan is repaid.