Make a Difference Project Form

DFS has a very talented and creative student team, and we want to hear your ideas. Every student staff member has the opportunity to submit a Make a Difference Project that could lead to measureable improvements in DFS. Your project MUST positively impact food quality, service delivery, or increase unit level financial performance. Students must fully develop and execute the project from start to finish. Data must be collected that show the program is successful. To illustrate, if you develop a project that aims to reduce the number of compostable to-go wares used in retail, you will have to compare before and after data to determine positive or negative results. We can assist you in gathering data through our IT systems, but it will be your responsibility for the analyses.

DFS has considerable depth of resources to draw on, so projects must be specific, measureable, achievable, relevant to the business, and completed on a timely basis.  Recipe suggestions, re-arranging dining room layouts, posting marketing flyers, suggesting theme events, updating training manuals, and other routine suggestions or changes will not make it through the approval stage.

If your Make a Difference Project is approved and achieves desired results, you will be awarded a $125 bonus. There is no limit to how many projects you can submit. You can submit you project using this electronic form: