Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

A brand new degree with a flexible degree plan

A brand-new degree offering from the College of Engineering, the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is set to be a flexible yet innovative degree program offering both traditional and transfer students a means to gain new knowledge and skillsets in computing.

This program offers a diverse set of students a pathway into a rapidly growing workforce full of opportunity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts in the next six years the U.S. will add another 300,000 jobs in the field. Additionally, the median salary in 2017 for these skilled individuals was $102,000. 

Why is this degree different?

  1. Built-in Tracks in High-Demand Industry Areas:

    a.    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    b.    Cybersecurity
    c.    Game Development
    d.    Computer Science General

  2. Different admission standards than the Bachelor of Science/Innovation
  3. Reduced list of math courses compared to the Bachelor of Science/Innovation
  4. No additional science beyond the Compass Curriculum
  5. Flexible – more general electives compared to the Bachelor of Science/Innovation
  6. May be advantageous to transfers, intents, and veteran students

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About Our College

The College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is an innovative, exciting, and dedicated collection of faculty, staff and students focused on the science and application of engineering and computer science. We strive to enable a diverse group of students to graduate with a modern, up-to-date education and the ability to pursue a career in the technical workforce or continue their education with a graduate degree. We have nearly 70 faculty and staff whose primary purpose is to enable student success and discover the technologies of tomorrow.