Participation Requirement Questions

The CSURF is open to all undergraduate students from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the United States Air Force Academy and Colorado College.

Typically, student participants are in their 3rd or 4th year of university study (although class standing is not a requirement for participation).  Students should also have a faculty advisor, although it is not a requirement.

On the day of CSURF, please plan to show up at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  

Presentation times are not provided until  AFTER the abstract deadline.  Approximately a week after the registration deadline passes, a schedule of events will be published  online with all presenter abstracts and names, along with presentation times and locations.  Should you need to change your presentation time, please contact Margie Oldham at .

We highly recommend it. Participants will experience research ideas from a wide range of disciplines and subjects - and will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other universities. Review the conference program and plan to attend panels and poster sessions that overlap with your own interests or that you find intriguing. Watching other researcher presentations is an informative way to improve your own organizational and presentation skills.  If your participation is part of a class requirement, you might be required to attend the entire day.  Please follow up with your faculty advisor.

If you are late to your presentation or poster session, you may not be able to present. This decision will be made at the discretion of the chair of your session. You are required to arrive 15 minutes early for your presentation so as not to inconvenience the other students and faculty members who are participating in your session. Presenters should plan to stay for their entire session.

Yes. If you are planning to have your guest(s) participate in the FREE lunch, please register your guests and RSVP for your guest and their lunch choice through the online registration system.

Please contact Margie Oldham at (719)255-4552 or as soon as possible. Depending on your faculty advisor, please contact them as well.

Students are NOT encouraged to present more than one presentation.  Our schedule of presentations is made AFTER student registration closes.  At that time, the committee takes all presentation applications and designs the schedule of events.  

It is VERY difficult for the committee to accommodate students presenting in multiple presentations.  Overlap is almost guaranteed and cannot be helped due to the number of presentations.

Our registration site will not allow multiple registrations from the same person.  Therefore, please plan to participate in only one presentation if you can.  

Thank you for your understanding.


The committee will try very hard to accommodate all 1st choice presentation styles.  However, if you put a 2nd choice, you are agreeing that this will be appropriate for your presentation as well.

On the CSURF registration site, you will be asked to make a 1st choice and a 2nd choice presentation style.  If you only have one type you wish to choose, just put that in your 1st choice and do not add a 2nd choice.

Consult your faculty mentor for an appropriate abstract submission.  Generally, an abstract is a written paragraph which describes the breadth of your research or creative process.  It is NOT a full description of your work.  Abstracts will provide participants with an overview of what you will be presenting.  All abstracts should be NO LONGER than 100 words.  Please do NOT include photos in your abstracts.  The abstracts will be published in a printed program (also available online), once all abstracts have been received and presentation times/locations have been assigned.