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STEM on Wheels

The Lockheed Martin STEM on Wheels clubs are set-up to introduce fun hands-on STEM workshops to students aged 4-13 in the community's most underserved schools. The goal of each workshop is to engage students in open-ended STEM problem solving thereby increasing their interest in pursuing more STEM opportunities and classes in the future. To see just how STEM on Wheels engages with the community, follow the link below!

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Spring 2020 Schedule to be confirmed!


Become a Volunteer

Want to Become a Volunteer?

A volunteer’s role is to ask guiding questions to improve students' persistence in problem solving for engineering and problem-based tasks. This model depends on asking good questions rather than giving students quick answers- undermining the joy of exploration. To learn more about guiding questions, please visit

To view a detailed list of requirements, please follow this link.