At a Glance: Lockheed Martin STEM on Wheels

Take a small glimpse in to cSTEMe's interaction with local students and communities. Through these efforts, students are exposed to the fun, cool, and always interesting side of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

A cSTEMe instructor helps students at an after-school science club.

Students work together to learn about circuitry.

The puking pumpkin is always a hit with students, parents, and teachers.

Students pose proudly with their spaghetti and marshmallow structure.

What is the science behind bottle flipping? These students are trying to find out.

STEM on Wheels students pose for the camera during an on-campus visit

Captivated students observe as an instructor welds. Proper safety equipment required.

Look at the faces of accomplishment. These students are proud of their finished work.

Students learn some fundamentals of machining.

Did their experiment produce the expected results?

Who knew science could be so fun?

Students work together to find a solution.

Will their design function as they expected?

cSTEMe instructor daringly tastes a gastronomic experiment. Hopefully it is tasty!