UCCS Cybersecurity Initiative

Opportunity:  $1.8M/year over 3-years for UCCS cybersecurity programs

Mission:         Build a nationally acclaimed cybersecurity program

Vision:            Eliminate vulnerability to cyber-attack

Direction:       30 May 18, SB18-086

                        1 Nov 18, Strategic Plan

Contact:         Rick White, Ph.D., rwhite2@uccs.edu, 719.360.3805

Program Activities (updated 17 Jun 19)

  1. Program Authorizations

    Goal: Spend 100% of FY19 before 30 Jun 19. Status: Chancellor approved final CSI program authorizations 15 Feb 19. 100% of CSI funds programmed for three years, FY19-FY21. 76% of FY19 CSI funds have been allocated. 64% of FY19 CSI funds have been encumbered or spent. 100% of FY19 funds expected to be spent before end of fiscal year.

  2. Cybersecurity Scholarships

    SB18-086 requires 15% of each annual distribution to be awarded as scholarships.  Goal: Award $270,000 in FY19 CSI scholarships. Status: Financial Aid awarded 100% of FY19 dedicated CSI scholarship funds. A total of 91 scholarships were awarded. EAS is managing FY20 scholarships.

  3. Mountain West Cybersecurity Consortium

    Goal: Establish cybersecurity research collaborative among regional academic institutions. Status: Hosted Spring Conference at CU Denver South, 25 & 26 Apr 19. UCCS elected to chair consortium over next year. Drafted proposed organization charter and reserved CU Denver South for next two 1-day conferences, tentatively scheduled for 20 Sep 19 and 6 Mar 20. Next objective is to apply for National Science Foundation (NSF) GenCyber grant to fund MWCC training for K-12 teachers supporting Cyber Patriot programs. Updated website located at https://www.mtnwestca.org/.

  4. Colorado Springs Economic Development Council

    Goal: Actively support EDC Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee (C3). Status: Attended 15 May 19 C3 meeting. PPCC co-chair announced their retirement, effective that week. A planning teleconference is scheduled for June.

  5. Partner - National Cybersecurity Center

    Goal: Conduct joint research, training, & support. Status: NCC has set aside office space for the CSI Program Director as part of their facility upgrade, scheduled to be completed 14 Jun 19. With UCCS funding, NCC is scheduled 24 Jun 19 to conduct a blockchain awareness seminar for government officials. UCCS also funded the Secure GPS Seminar conducted 24 May 19. The program was an overwhelming success as indicated by the reaction of the audience and requests to offer future sessions.


  6. UCCS Cybersecurity Facility

    Goal: Setup offices, classrooms, and laboratories for cybersecurity research and education in Cybersecurity Facility (CSF) North Annex at 3650 N. Nevada Ave. Status: Collected UCCS, NCC, and XI space requirements at meetings conducted 15 Feb 19 and 4 Mar 19. Submitted consolidated requirements to Facilities on 6 Apr 19. Facilities convened meeting 15 May 19 to review draft design. Facilities released revised plan 3 Jun 19. Faculty review scheduled 19 Jun 19.

    27 Mar 19 Consolidated Space Requirements



  7. UCCS Cybersecurity Collaborative

    Goal: Establish formal organization and procedures to oversee authorizations and expenditure of CSI funding. Status: Aspirational. Charter and Strategic plans drafted 1 Nov 18.

    1 Nov 18 CSC Chater (draft)

  8. Partner - Pikes Peak Community College

    Goal: Setup 4-year cybersecurity degree program compatible for PPCC students with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Cyber Security. Status: Computer Science Dept. drafted initial outline for BA in Cybersecurity. Preparing to coordinate with College of Letters, Arts, & Sciences. Target program implementation by Fall 2020.

  9. Expand Cybersecurity Programs

    Goal: Offer more courses and conduct more research. Meet or exceed national standards. Attain NSA certification as Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber-Operations (CAE-CO). Status. Only two CS professors currently specialize in cybersecurity. On 28 Jan 19, Chancellor authorized CSI funding use for tenure-track professors. On 30 Jan 19, Chancellor approved EAS request for tenure-track associate professor position. On 15 Feb 19, Chancellor approved using CSI funds to hire three tenure-track professors in next two years. CS Dept. completed interviews for Gallogly Chair position (CSI funds supported interviews). Working on Position Descriptions (PDs) for two (2) FY20 Tenure Professors.

  10. CISCO Strategic Relationship Agreement

    Goal: Optimally employ SRA with Cisco. Status: Completed first year of three-year agreement.

  11. K-12 Computer Science Teacher Mentor Training

    Goal. Satisfy SB18-086 requirements to expand cybersecurity training for K-12 teachers. Status. Karen Bisset and Candida Bennet in Online and Academic Outreach (OAO) picked up the project after the Director resigned in April. They overcame many programmatic challenges to deliver two courses, one hosted by UCCS, and another hosted by Terri Johnson at PPCC. Together, they trained 38 teachers over two weeks, helping them earn required continuing education credits, and helping the State expand its cybersecurity workforce capacity. Both courses were tremendously successful as indicated by requests for similar programs next year (none are budgeted).