The Center for the Study of Government and the Individual (CSGI) exists to explore the constitutional, economic, political, and social foundations of a free, flourishing, and prosperous society and to provide a vehicle for the candid exploration of the proper relationship between government and individuals. The purpose is not to promote particular political ideologies, but to critically analyze all positions on the role of government in American society.


  • Public Forums - designed to bring the academic and public communities together
  • Seminars- by specialists in the subject areas
  • Publications - books, papers, and proceedings of public forums
  • Research - funded to provide in-depth analysis of the Center's areas of interest
  • Faculty Fellows - participate in the Center Roundtable, act as editors for publications, serve as mentors to students and take on special roles in program development
  • Funded development courses - focused on the role government in American society
  • Student Fellows - will receive scholarships in fields relevant to the topic of the Center; will work with faculty mentors and participate in Center activities
  • Student Interns - will work with faculty mentors on projects in the community directly related to the Center

The Center is funded solely by donor contributions. If you are interested in our programming and supporting students to attend our events please go on-line to: Center for the Study of Government and the Individual Fund #0421239