Recent Projects

The faculty of the Department of Computer Science are actively engaging in research projects with many NSF, DoD, NIH, and privately funded projects. Besides the existing Advanced Computer Science Research Lab, Vision & Security Technology Lab (VAST), Network System and Security Lab (NetS), Distributed & Internet Systems Lab (DISS), and Game & Media Integration lab, a new AFOSR sponsored Innovation Security Lab with state of the art 3 rack blade server systems with 18 terabytes Storage Area Network will be available for researchers and students in the new Science & Engineering Building, Spring of 2009.

The following is the list of recent research projects:

Vision & Security Technology Research: Dr's. Terry Boult (Director of VAST Lab), Joe Zhou, and Rory Lewis, sponsored by NSF, DoD, ONR, AFOSR, Army Research Labs, MDA, and NISSC

  • Adaptive High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • C2FUSE: Command and Control Fusion
  • INSPECCT: Inexpensive Spectrometer Color Camera Technology
  • GPS-Based Tracking System for Trauma Patients
  • Intelligent Imaging System
  • NCIIA: National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
  • Network Security
  • NSF Privacy: NSF STTR on Privacy Enhanced Biometrics
  • ONR FAMME: ONR Facial Analysis in the Moving Maritime Environment
  • Privacy Enhanced Camera
  • Projective Biometric Invariants
  • Revocable Biometrics with Robust Distance Metrics
  • SEE Port: Surveillance and Enemy Evaluation with PTZ and Omni-Directional Reconnaissance Technology
  • Semquest NEATR: Semquest Network Enhanced Automatic Target Recognition
  • Trauma-Net: Empowerment Dynamics Through Social Cognitive Theory
  • UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Underwater Imaging


Distributed & Internet Systems Research: Dr. Joe Zhou, sponsored by NSF

  • Resource Allocation Optimization for Quantitative Service Differentiation on Multi-Tier Server Clusters (Sponsor - NSF CNS-0720524, $162,850; Sole PI - Xiaobo Zhou)
  • GPS-based Tracking Systems for Trauma Patients (Sponsor - Army Medical Research, $222,105; PIs - Terry Boult and Xiaobo Zhou)


Human Motion Tracking & Reasoning: Dr's. Edward Chow and Sudhanshu Senwal, (Sponsor - TNUA)

  • International Research Collaboration with TNUA (CC Dance Professor Yunyu Wang), UCCS, Gait & Motion Analysis Lab of Denver Children Hospital. Phase II project on Human Motion Tracking and Reasoning for Rehabilitation.
  • International Cooperation with UCCS on Human Body Movement Analysis. Phase I.


Cyber Security: Dr's. Edward Chow, Tim Chamillard, Terry Boult, and Joe Zhou

  • Detect & Prevent Rogue Wireless Traffic, with Professor Mark Wicket, (Sponsor - ITT.
  • Making Secure Information Sharing Easy & a Reality, Dr. Edward Chow. Role-based Access Control with Attribute Certification. AFOSR/TTO.
  • Stegi @ Work, Dr. Tim Chamilard and Terry Boult, with CEI Inc, (Sponsor - $260,895).
  • Information Fusion for Enterprise Intrusion Detection & Handling.
  • Secure Information Sharing.
  • Secure Collective Network Defense.
  • Secure Mobile Ad Hoc Network.
  • Secure Groupware for First Responders.


Artificial Intelligence

Internet Search Engine & Information Retrieval: Dr. Jugal Kalita

  • Information Retrieval for Supporting Medical Research, working with Dr. Hodge of UC Denver Health Science Center.


Computer Graphic/Virtual Reality: Dr. Sudhanshu Semwal

Network/Web/System/Protocol Research: Dr. Edward Chow

  • Advanced Content Switch Design, sponsored by CCL
  • Implementation of Neuroguide Software Package, Dr. Sara Qualls, (Sponsor - Peak Aging). Design a Secure Web System for Neuro-evaluation Result Interpretation.
  • Distributed Network Restoraton & Network Survivability Analysis. (Sponsor - MCI).


Wireless Sensor: Dr's. Terry Boult, Edward Chow, and Joe Zhou (Sponsor - AFOSR, NISSC, ARMY)

  • GPS-Based Tracking System for Trauma Patients
  • Network Layer Design for Networked Radio for Sensor Applications with Professor Mark Wickert and QDot, Army SBIR Phase I. $13,684.
  • First Responder Sensor Networks, (Sponsor - NiSSC/AFOSR)


E-Commerce: Dr. Edward Chow

  • Online E-commerce System Project (Sponsor - Internet Business Skill)