Faculty Research Interests


Terrance Boult

Computer vision, image processing, networking and medical imaging

Vision and Security Technology (VAST) Lab

Tim Chamillard

Computer science education

Sang-Yoon Chang

Systems security, network security, computer network, wireless network, cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things

C. Edward Chow

Web systems/security, WAN load balancing, Internet network measurement, Wireless network planning, High speed networks/protocols, Distributed/optimal algorithms for network resource allocation, Interactive programming environments for network/protocol design

Network Security (NETSEC) Lab

Kristen Walcott-Justice

Software testing and computer architecture with emphasis on software testing and debugging in resource-constrained environments

Jugal Kalita

Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, information retrieval, natural language processing and machine learning

Language Information and Computation (LINC) Lab

Rory Lewis

Creating machine learning tools for time-variant signal analysis in neurosciences

Sudhanshu Semwal

Computer graphics, wearable computing and virtual reality, computer-human interaction, medical applications, human animation and avatars, volume Rendering and visualization, realistic Images, ray tracing, computational geometry

Games and Media Integration (GMI) Lab

Philip Brown

Game theory, the effects of human decision-making on the performance of engineered systems, incentive mechanisms, cyber-physical systems, design and applications of blockchain systems.

Qing Yi

Compiler optimizations for high-performance computing, distributed and parallel systems, programming language design and implementation, automated code generation, systematic discovery of software vulnerabilities

HPC Compiler Lab

Xiaobo Zhou

Cloud computing, Datacenters, BigData parallel and distributed processing, autonomic and sustainable computing, scalable Internet services and architectures, and computer networks and security

Distributed, Sustainable, and Cloud Computing Systems (DISCO) Lab

Yanyan Zhuang

Computer networking (wireless), application fault diagnosis, mobile platforms, probability and statistics