Spring 2016 Colloquium: Making Security Usable


Dr. Kami Vaniea, University of Edinburgh

Title: Making Security Usable

Abstract: The effectiveness of security and privacy technologies at the end of the day rests on people. How people implement the system. How other people integrate that code into their own projects. And ultimately, how the people who use the technologies comprehend and react to the information presented to them. In this talk I will discuss the human factors which are impacting the practical adoption of strong protections in new technologies. Ranging from the challenges developers face when trying to put strong protections into their code to the challenges faced by end users when they try and determine the safety of a system.

Bio: Dr. Kami Vaniea is a Human Factors of Security and Privacy Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Her work focuses on helping people use security and privacy technologies in ways that allow them to control their own information as well as feel safe using their own technologies.  Dr. Vaniea was previously an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University and her PhD is from Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department

Date: Tuesday, February 14, 5pm

Location: ENGR 103

Pizza will be provided!