Human body movement analysis project



Edward Chow, Professor, received a research contract ($23.6k) from TNUA  for  improving sensor based tracking systems of a smart rotating exercise chair, evaluating its effectiveness at high tech nursing centers of Palesides  at Broadmoor Park, and enhancing the LabanDancer Animation software.


In Phase 3 of International cooperation on Human Body Movement Analysis Project, TNUA and UCCS will work on research to improve rehab patient care by evaluating and improving the sensor tracking system for a smart rotating exercise chair. Dr. Edward Chow will coordinate the research effort. We will focus on the following four tasks:

  1. Investigate how sensor based tracking systems can be used to improve the assessment of the quality of exercises for the rotating exercise chair.
  2. Coordinate the presentation and demo at the hi-tech nursing center of Palesides at Broadmoor Park.
  3. Dr. Mary Ann Kludge will conduct an evaluation study of the smart rotating exercise chair.
  4. Enhance the LabanDancer Animation Software to include time-3D sequence generation for specific sensor placement locations on the model given by a Labanotation.