Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science Degrees

UCCS offers a complete four-year program of study leading to a BS degree in computer science. The undergraduate curriculum provides students with theoretical foundations and practical experience in both hardware and software aspects of computers. The curriculum in computer science is integrated with courses in the sciences and the humanities to offer an education that is broad, yet of sufficient depth and relevance to enhance student employment opportunities upon graduation. As a degree program within a professional school of the university, the curriculum is based on the criterion that graduates are expected to function successfully in a professional employment environment immediately upon graduation.

Bachelor of InnovationTM Degrees

UCCS offers the unique BITM (Bachelor of Innovation) degree in Computer ScienceComputer Science Security and Game Design and Development. See http://innovation.uccs.edu for more information and sample degree plans in the Bachelor of Innovation.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Bachelor of Arts degrees are designed to provide foundations for immediate entry into a career field or a basis to continue your education with a graduate degree. Bachelor of Arts degrees have different admission standards than the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Innovation degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BACS) has four built-in tracks in high demand industry areas. The degree has maximum flexibility in general electives which allows the degree to be customized to a variety of student needs.

Joint Bachelor of Science Degree

  • BS in Computer Engineering

The Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering jointly offer a BS Degree in Computer Engineering. This program is described in detail in the Electrical and Computer Engineering section.

Minor Programs

UCCS also offers a flexible minor in computer science. The minor provides students the ability to formally supplement their study in other fields with a rigorous computer science background that will enhance employment opportunities after graduation.

General Courses

Students who do not intend to major or minor in computer science may take computer science courses to broaden their backgrounds and complement their degree curricula. Introductory courses CS 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1060,1070 and 1090 are intended to make computer literacy and programming available to a broad class of students. CS1150 and 1450 are recommended for those who anticipate doing extensive computing in their student or professional careers.