Master of Science in Computer Science - Games and Media Integration

The Masters of Science degree in Computer Science - Games and Media Integration option is an interdisciplinary degree that gives all students a firm foundation in pursuing research and development in the area of games, animation and movie making, VR/HCI, complex systems, and wearable computing.

Both animation and games industry, and the wearable computing community demand highest quality portfolio in place before students graduate. Up to six credit hours of Portfolio Development is an important feature of this degree program. In addition to a complete Game program, a short animated movie, or a wearable computing product, portfolio development may include auditing classes in Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS) and the College of Business.

One of the most exciting aspects of the degree program is the combination of a set of required courses to ensure all students develop a firm foundation in the basics of design and development of games and media integration products, and the opportunity for students to pursue their special interests through several elective courses and portfolio development.


Objectives & Outcomes

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