Objectives & Outcomes


  • Graduates of the PhD/Sec program lead software/system research projects in Universities or Research Labs.
  • Graduates of the PhD/Sec program produce independent innovative computer science security research results.
  • Graduates of the PhD/Sec program produce software packages/tools that significant benefit the society and industry.
  • Graduates of the PhD/Sec program practice lifelong learning and keep themselves up to date with emerging computer science security knowledge.
  • Graduates of the PhD/Sec program produce significant research results and contribute to Computer Science Journals and Conferences.


  • Students should know a broad knowledge of science, math and engineering.
  • Students become the leader in the specific area in which the thesis research is conducted.
  • Students are able to read, understand, and evaluate professional literature on advanced topics in engineering and applied science.
  • Students demonstrate the capability to make fundamental and significant contributions in the area of engineering and applied science, mathematics, and engineering disciplines, along with the tools of research, to perform analysis and synthesis and to visualize potential areas of application.
  • Students has developed effective communication skills and professionalism.