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The degree is conferred after the student has satisfied both a course work and an independent study requirement. Minimum course work and independent study requirements and the composition of the advisory committee for the Ph.D. program are described below.

Degree Requirements

A total of 60 credit hours are required for the degree.  For candidates entering the program with a bachelor's degree in computer science, a minimum of 30  credit hours of course work at the 5000-level or above is required. For candidates entering with an M.S. degree in computer science, up to 24 credit hours of course work from a previously earned Master's degree may be transferred to the PhD program to meet the 30 credit hour course requirements.  In all cases, 30 semester hours of dissertation credits are required. Three courses are required for students who have not taken these courses or their equivalents before. These are CS 5500 (Operating Systems), CS 5700 (Computability, Automata, and Formal Languages), and CS 5720 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms).  All PhD students must also take CS 6000, Intro to Computer Science Research as part of their course work.

No more than 15 credit hours of dissertation can be taken prior to the semester in which the Comprehensive Examination is passed.

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