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The student must complete at least 30 semester hours and choose between two options: Plan I (thesis) or Plan II (non-thesis). Plan I requires a thesis worth 6 semester hours of credit. Plan II requires a project worth 3 semester hours of credit. Up to 6 hours of graduate level courses may be taken in other departments with the graduate advisor's approval.

In order to insure that the graduate of the M.S. program will have acquired a sufficient breadth of knowledge in computer science, the following three courses or their equivalents are required if they were not previously taken at the upper division as an undergraduate:

  • CS 5500 Operating Systems I
  • CS 5700 Computability, Automata and Formal Languages
  • CS 5720 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Students who have had advanced undergraduate courses in these exact areas will not be allowed to take these courses for graduate credit.

The student is not allowed to take more than four computer science courses that are cross-listed with 4000 level computer science courses.

Time Limits

Full-time graduate students should be able to complete the M.S. degree in computer science in two to two and a half years. Two courses per semester is considered full time at the graduate level. Most graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening in order to provide graduate study opportunities for working professionals. All work toward the M.S. degree must be completed within a six year time limit. If the degree program cannot be completed within this time period, then the student must request an extension from the Graduate School and validate any course work more than six years old, possibly by special examination.

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