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Development of new forms of interaction, innovative research in a team environment, and portfolio development are the core foundation of the proposed degree. All courses in the curriculum will emphasize creativity and team participation by all students. Potential projects and application include -- graphical asset generation, virtual reality, education, medical, movie making and animation, rehabilitation and geriatric healthcare, history and theory, mixed, augmented and wearable computing, and simulation and training.

This program requires 30 credit hours of graduate level work. In order to insure that the graduate of the program will have acquired a sufficient breadth of knowledge in games and media integration, the following three courses or their equivalents are required if they were not previously taken as an undergraduate:

  • CS 5720 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 5780 3D Games and Digital Contents Creation
  • CS 5800 Introduction to Computer Graphics

In addition, if the student's future plans are to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, the following core courses are highly recommended if they were not taken as part of an undergraduate program:

  • CS 5200 Computer Architecture
  • CS 5500 Operating Systems
  • CS 5700 Computability, Automata & Formal Languages
  • CS 5720 Algorithms

These courses insure that the graduate of the GMI program will have acquired a sufficient breadth of knowledge in computer science. Students who have had advanced undergraduate courses in these exact areas will not be allowed to take these courses for graduate credit, but instead are required to include other graduate level computer science courses.

Industrial Portfolio, Thesis, Project

In addition students will be required to develop an Industrial Portfolio (up to six credit hours), and complete a Project (three credit hours) or a Thesis (six credit hours). A maximum total of nine credit hours of thesis or project, and portfolio is allowed ensuring that students have sufficient coursework in the games and media integration areas.

Thesis or Project (3 or 6 credit hours) Students are required to complete a project (three credit hours) or a thesis (six credit hours). Students will be expected to work with an advisor in the GMI area of concentration following the guidelines of MS Thesis or Project work in the CS Department.

Elective Courses

The remaining credit hours will be from the following set of 3 credit hour elective courses. Note that some courses have prerequisites as noted. 

  • CS 5770 Animation and Visualization
  • CS 6770 Virtual Reality and Human Computer Interaction
  • CS 5710 Evolutionary Computation
  • CS 5750 Computational Geometry
  • CS 5810 Advanced Computer Graphics/Morphing
  • CS 5790 Wearable Computing and Complex Systems
  • CS 5890 Computational Linguistics (prerequisites)
  • CS 5250 Multi-Media
  • CS 5260 Advanced Web Systems and Internet
  • CS 5840 Computer Vision (prerequisites)
  • ECE 5530 Multivariate Control I (prerequisites)
  • ECE 5520 Multivariate Control II (prerequisites)
  • CS 5870 Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  • CS 5510 Distributed Systems (requires CS 4500/5500 Operating Systems)
  • CS 5200 Computer Architecture
  • CS 5220 Computer Communication
  • MAE 5130-001 Advanced Fluid Dynamics (prerequisites)

General Requirements

The student must have an overall 3.0 grade point average in all graduate work; an advisor appointed during the first semester of graduate work; all work applied to the degree must be accomplished within a six year time limit; up to 9 hours of graduate work may be transferred from an accredited graduate program, provided course work has not been used for any other degree, the grade earned for the course(s) is B or better, the course work has been taken within past six years, and the course coverage is equal in level, content, and depth to the course for which it is being substituted; all courses included for this degree must be part of an approved plan of study, and this plan must be developed by the student and approved by his/her advisor or program director prior to completing 12 credit hours of graduate level course work.

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