Program Information

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Degree Requirements

  • CS-5310 Software Requirements
  • CS-5320 Software Design
  • CS-5340 Software Maintenance
  • CS-5350 Software Project Management

One of the following options:

  • CS 7000 Thesis (6 credit hours), plus four elective graduate courses
  • CS 7010 Project (3 credit hours), plus five elective graduate courses
  • Project Portfolio (see description below) plus six elective graduate courses

Portfolio Specification:
This is a 5-8 page paper that describes at least one, and at most four, projects in which the student has been engaged. For each project it will describe the overall project objectives, the team, the students' role on the team, the formal software engineering/development methodology used, and the lifecycle stages in which the student was engaged. It should explicitly relate the project(s) to at least 2 of the MESE courses which the student has completed. It should also include examples - at least one example work artifact from the software engineering process, with the artifact not counting toward the 5 page minimum length. The document should be a formal technical paper. It is recommended that students include appropriate references to relevant software engineering sources, such as books, papers and blogs.

Portfolio Timing:
Students may submit their portfolio at any time after having completed 6 credit hours, and for work-related experience it is strongly recommended it be submitted after completing 15-18 credit hours to allow the opportunity for taking one or more project intensive courses if the work experience is not deemed sufficient. In any case, the portfolio must be completed before the student can apply for graduation. If the proposal/experience is deemed insufficient experience, the student will be required to take a software engineering project intensive course and then resubmit. The program will ensure that a course designated as a software engineering project intensive course will be offered once per year, however a project intensive course may not be available every semester.

Portfolio Approval Process:
The portfolio will be submitted to the MESE program director, in electronic form, with a copy to the department advisor. Review/analysis may take 2-4 weeks. The MESE program adviser can either approve it directly, or may call for a committee of relevant faculty. If minor revisions are requested, they may be resubmitted that term. If the portfolio is rejected or requires major revisions, the student will have to complete a project intensive course before resubmission and hence the portfolio may not be resubmitted until completion of said course.

Unlimited cross-listed courses can be applied to the requirements of the degree program. The electives may be any computer science course numbered 5020 or above. Up to two of the elective courses could be taken outside computer science if they are pre-approved by the student's advisor.

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For more information please contact the Computer Science Department.