Procedures & Requirements for Graduation

The Program Guideline requirements are outlined on the Program Information page.

Graduation Requirements

The following is needed in order to graduate:

  • An overall 3.0 grade point average in all graduate work
  • 30 credit hours is required
  • All work applied to the degree must be accomplished within a six year time limit
  • Up to 9 credit hours of relevant graduate work may be transferred from an accredited graduate program at another institution or taken as a non-degree seeking student at UCCS, provided course work has not been used for any other degree, grade earned for the course(s) is B or better, the course work has been taken within past six years, and the course coverage is equal in level, content, and depth to the course for which is it being substituted.
  • All courses included to count for this degree must be part of an approved plan of study. This plan must be developed by the student and approved by his/her advisor prior to completing 12 credit hours of course work.

Advisory Committee

Each new student will initially interact with a computer science graduate advisor. This will usually be the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). As early as possible in the MESE program, the student must select a computer science graduate faculty member to serve as academic advisory, research director, and chairman of the student's Advisory Committee. In conjunction with this advisory, the student must invite at least two other graduate faculty members to serve as Advisory Committee members. The Advisory Committee will provide any necessary direction to the student as well as be responsible for approving the Plan of Study and administering the final oral examination.

Plan of Study

The student, in consultation with his/her major advisor, must complete a Plan of Study consisting of at least 30 credit hours. The Plan of Study must be submitted prior to the completion of 12 credit hours of graduate work. This document specifies the courses and options chosen by the student and must be approved by the student's Advisory Committee and the Chairman of the GSC. With Advisory Committee approval, the Plan of Study may be changed during the course of the student's graduate program.

Final Oral Examination (Defense)

With either the thesis or project options, the student is required to pass an oral examination on work presented for the degree. The final oral examination should be scheduled according to the deadlines established by the UCCS Graduate School Office. If the student wrote a thesis (CS 7000), the examination will consist of a defense to the thesis and its foundations. If the student chooses to do a project (CS 7010), the examination will consist of a defense of the project and its foundations. It is the responsibility of the Advisory Committee to administer the examination and to report the results to the Graduate School. It is the responsibility of the student to upload a copy of the thesis or project report to the GSC repository following the instructions given at the time the defense is scheduled, at least one week (preferably two weeks) in advance of the scheduled examination and to schedule the examination in concurrence with the Advisory Committee. This examination is open to the public.

If the student fails the final oral examination, the student may not attempt the examination again until at least three months have elapsed and until the student has covered such work as may be prescribed by the Advisory Committee. The student may retake the examination only once. If this examination is failed twice, the student will be terminated from the program.

A master's degree student must be registered either for course work or as "Candidate for Degree" (CS 9990, 0 credit hours) the semester in which the final oral examination is scheduled.

For more information please contact the Computer Science Department.