Procedures & Requirements for Graduation

An overall 3.0 grade point average in all graduate work is required. An advisor should be appointed during the first semester of graduate work, and all work applied to the degree must be accomplished within a six year time limit.

Up to 9 credit hours of relevant graduate work may be transferred from an accredited graduate program at another institution or taken as a non-degree seeking student at UCCS, provided the course work has not been used for any other degree, the grade earned for the course(s) is B or better, the course work has been taken within past six years, the course coverage is equal in level, content, and depth to the course for which it is being substituted, and all courses included to count for this degree must be part of an approved plan of study. This plan must be developed by the student and approved by his/her advisor prior to completing 12 credit hours of course work.

For more information please contact the Computer Science Department.