Network System Security Certificate

Individuals who engineer computer based systems or develop policy and doctrine for these systems where information assurance is an objective require knowledge of the methods, techniques, and tools used in information operations. Information operations include those actions taken to gain, defend, or attack information or information systems. The threats and vulnerabilities are applicable in the commercial as well as the military world.

This certificate provides a solid foundation in communication system concepts, a broad introduction to the entire spectrum of information operations, and advanced study of information assurance topics. The final two courses cover in-depth the protection of information through cryptographic methods and the design and management of systems from a security viewpoint.

Required Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Knowledge of a modern programming language, e.g., Pascal, Java, or C++
  • CS 1450 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 2080 Programming with Unix
  • CS 2160 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming


Note: Some of these courses may have prerequisites, and any comparable course from another approved university will suffice.

Course Requirements

Complete the following 4 graduate-level courses:

CS 5220 Computer Communications
CS 5910 Fundamentals of Computer/Network Security
CS 5920 Applied Cryptography for Secure Communications
CS 6910 Advanced Network and System Security

Some of these courses may have prerequisites, and any comparable course from another approved University will suffice. Also note that students must earn grades of B or better in all courses to be counted toward the certificate.

For regular application information: How To Apply

Students can be enrolled as an un-classified, non-degree student and use the Un-classified Student Application.

For more information please contact the Computer Science Department.