Cragmor Construction Timeline


1902 --William Jackson Palmer donates 100 acres and $50,000 for sanatorium.

1903 --Architect Thomas MacLaren commissioned to design the "Sun Palace" sanatorium.

1904 --Sanatorium officially opens under direction of S. Edwin Solly. It consists of three large pavilions and several small cottages (accommodates twenty-five patients). Construction cost is $30,000. [Main building not constructed]

1906 --November 19th: Dr. Solly dies.

1907 --Restoration and improvements following vandalism and neglect.

1910 --June 20th: Dr. Alexius M. Forster buys the Cragmor Sanatorium

1911 --September: Architect George Edward Barton commissioned by Forster to design the central building.

1913 --January: Owner incorporated (see list).

Board decides Barton’s design too costly.

January - February: MacLaren re-commissioned to design central building. MacLaren revises original design.

March: Bids received for construction of central building.

Board proposes budget not to exceed $80,000 and asks MacLaren to redesign at building that would be three stories high, capable of being added to.


1914 --October: Construction of Cragmor Sanatorium three story central building completed.

1920 --February: Fourth floor added, topped by roof garden.

1920 --Five additional cottages built.

1926 --Six additional cottages built..

1940--(est.)Sun Porches removed

1940 --Windows replaced on level 2, 3, and 4

1960 --Cragmor Manor Constructed and attached to Cragmor Sanatorium by breezeway

1978 --ADA and other code requirements stairway Northwest

1982 ADA and other code requirements stairway Southeast