Call for Proposals: 2019 Kraemer Copyright Conference

The Kraemer Copyright Conference will provide an opportunity for professionals at every level and across libraries to discuss the importance of copyright in libraries as well as any updates to this law.

All proposals are due by midnight (MST) Friday, March 29, 2019. Presenters will be notified of selection decisions in April.


Presentation Formats

The committee encourages presenters to think creatively about presentation formats:

  • Workshop
    An in-depth, facilitated introduction to an emerging topic, innovative approach, or effective practice with specific learning outcomes (60-minute session)
  • Roundtable
    A facilitated discussion among presenters on a particular topic or broader issue that includes multiple viewpoints and diverse voices (45-minute presentation in a 60-minute session with 15 minutes for Q&A)
  • Panel
    Two or more presenters addressing a specialized topic from different perspectives or a general topic in-depth (45-minute presentation in a 60-minute session with 15 minutes for Q&A)
  • Individual
    A paper or presentation on a specific topic, approach, or practice (15-minute presentation in a 60-minute session with 45 minutes allotted for three presentations on similar topics and 15 minutes for Q&A)
  • Lightning Talk
    A focused, succinct presentation on a specific topic, approach, or practice (5-minute presentation delivered in a plenary lightning talk session with 15 minutes for Q&A)
  • Poster
    Visual presentation of a specific topic, approach, or practice (presentation in a 60-minute plenary poster session)

Presentation Tracks Description

The Kraemer Copyright Conference committee invites proposals on the following Conference Tracks:

  • Accessibility Track
    Now that the Marrakesh treaty has been ratified, people with print disabilities will have greater access to copyrighted materials. What does this landmark change in the law mean for balancing accessibility with observing copyright, and what implications does it have on our practices?
  • Licensing Track
    The proliferation of e-resources in libraries has turned copyright law on its head: instead of copyright law governing all resources, each resource is now governed by its own legally binding licensing agreement. Where does copyright law fit into this new landscape? Can we ever get back to a single governing law for all library resources?
  • Open Track
    This track is open to any other copyright topic that you believe will be of interest to conference participants.

Proposal Review and Notification

A volunteer subcommittee will review proposals, evaluating each on quality and clarity of content, relevance to conference themes, and ability to engage the audience.

The committee will start notifying presenters of selection decisions by Monday, April 1, 2019. At that time, we may ask presenters to consider an alternate format or co-present with others who have proposed similar topics based on reviewers' recommendations.

Additional Requirements

All presenters must register for the Kraemer Copyright Conference in order to present. Registration is free and presenters are responsible for travel and lodging.

Conference papers, presentations, and other documentation/media will be collected by the Kraemer Copyright Conference Committee Chair via email at and preserved in the Kraemer Family Library institutional repository or other appropriate and accessible platform.

Non-Commercial Policy

The Kraemer Copyright Conference programs are non-commercial educational learning experiences. Under no circumstances should a speaker promote their product, service, or other self-interest.


If you have any questions regarding this event or the proposal submission process, please contact Federico Martínez-García at