2020 Kraemer Copyright Conference

Join us at the
8th Annual Kraemer Copyright Conference

University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Save the Date: June 15-17, 2020

Registration is FREE and opens on March 2, 2020
(Space limited to 200 attendees)

The Kraemer Copyright Conference is a dynamic and enriching FREE conference that offers public, academic, special, and school librarians the opportunity to learn about U.S. Copyright Law, recent updates to the law and how it impacts the services we offer our library users. This conference provides an opportunity for professionals at every level and across libraries to discuss the importance of copyright in libraries.


Conference Theme
Public Domain: Opening the Vault


This year's Kraemer Copyright Conference will discuss the implications of copyrighted works entering the Public Domain and what this means for information use and access.

On January 1, 2019, thousands of renowned works including books, music, and art from 1923 became public domain. These copyrighted works were scheduled to become public domain in 1999 but the Copyright Term Extension Act extended that time to 20 more years.

We will have an excellent group of keynotes:

  • April Hathcock, Director of Scholarly Communications & Information Policy, New York University Libraries
  • Kenneth Crews, Attorney, author, professor, and international copyright consultant
  • Kevin Smith, Dean of Libraries, The University of Kansas
  • Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor, Harvard University
  • Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Sandra Aya Enimil, Copyright Services Librarian and Program Director of Copyright Services, The Ohio State University Libraries
  • Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian & Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Libraries

Conference Sponsors

Through the generous support of these sponsors, we are able to continue to make conference registration free to all participants.