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Fare with Flair
University Catering & Food Service. We're Cooking Up Something Special.
Never planned an event before? Not to worry, check out these CATERING GUIDELINES to help make  your event a success!

One of the best reasons to make UCCS your event destination is the food. Yes, some people choose us because of our amazing staff. Or our laid-back lodging. Or our state-of-the-art technology. But at the end of the day, most of our guests place food squarely at the top of the menu when asked what it was about UCCS that made their experience extraordinary.

Our culinary team is accustomed to serving groups of all shapes and sizes-year round-helping us create a delightful menu that caters to a diverse range of tastes and taste buds. We offer everything from formal dinners to light refreshments, and we pride ourselves on creative fare, elegant presentations, and service that's as polished as the silverware.

If you're starved for dining arrangements that bring more than just food to the table, you're going to love UCCS. We serve groups of any size, offer unique settings throughout the campus, and whenever possible, include fresh regional ingredients in all of our well-loved dishes.

 Click HERE to download a catering menu guide.

Clyde's Pub
Something Fun's Always Brewing at Clyde's.

You know those cozy little pubs you find on cobblestone streets with hanging terraces and ivy-covered redstones? The ones where the feel of good friends and good food tugs at your sleeve, and you know, without giving it a second thought, that if you don't stop in you'll be missing something special? Well, that's Clyde's. And it's the place to be when you want to leave campus life behind without actually leaving the campus.

Clyde's is beer, bar food, and (by our way of thinking) the best place in town to kick back and relax-before your day's event or after. Now, we don't take reservations at Clyde's-that just wouldn't be us-but we do welcome groups with open arms. So if you're fleet-footed, famished, and lucky enough to catch us at a good time, who knows? A party might break out!

Clyde's. It's a warm, relaxing place to spend quality time with quality friends. But, hey, if you can't drop by during the evening, ask about our catered breakfasts. They make greeting the day a whole lot nicer.

Tap into Something Special Relax with Friends in the Cozy Comfort of an Old-style Tavern.


The Lodge

For Those Who Want More from Their Menu.

Hosting a camp? Professional conference? Special event with a large number of banquet guests? Ask about the Lodge Dining Hall, in Summit Village, where you'll enjoy first class fare, buffet-style, at an incredibly palatable price! If you're staying with us overnight, let us show you how we can make this extraordinary dining service part of your meal plan.

Get Your Fill Enjoy All-You-Can-Eat, Buffet-Style Dining.


Cafe '65

A Whole Different Perspective in Dining

Think food court. A comfortable indoor plaza with food stations and service counters where you can pick and choose from a delightful menu of mouthwatering cuisines. Like all great food-courts Cafe '65 is a cash-and-carry operation, so when your order's in hand, you're good to go-even if you decide to stick around!

Cafe '65 is a great place to pick up everything from wood-fired pizzas to gourmet sandwiches. And with major renovations underway, the choices get bigger and better every day.

More than Just a Feast for the Eyes Made to Order, Food Court Favorites










Sanatorium Grounds
Snacks and Beverages for People on the Move

When you're on the go, you're on the go. So, far be it for us to slow you down. Just know that when hunger strikes, or a hot cup of joe calls, we'll be there for you. Ready to serve!

There are four full-service coffee shops on campus (each in a different building, all conveniently located), all offering a delectable variety of snacks and pastries.

Perk Up It's Not Your Same Old Grind