Writing Fellows

Writing Fellow Partnership Policies 

What is a  "Writing Fellow"? 
Writing Fellows are upper-division undergraduates or graduate students who provide supplemental instructional support to students enrolled in Writing Intensive courses.  
Writing Fellows do not grade papers, but instead support students' writing process and assignments in a variety of ways, to include: 
       ·       Attend designated class sessions to facilitate class discussions about disciplinary writing practices and support in-class writing activities
       ·       Meet with students outside of normal class time to work with them on the course assignments (in person and/or via Bb)
       ·       Work with course instructor to make assignment expectations explicit and match students' needs with support
       ·       Generate genre guides, feedback rubrics, and other resources to help students complete course writing
       ·       Provide written comments on drafts of students' writing projects
       ·       Coordinate with librarians to provide research support for students, as appropriate
       ·       Other tasks as identified in collaboration with the Writing Fellow, Writing across the Curriculum Director, and faculty member 
How are Writing Fellows paid?
Writing Fellows are paid $11/hour for up to 90 hours of work and can earn up to $1000 for the semester. They are classified as UCCS student employees.  Funding for their positions comes from the Compass Curriculum budget. 
Which courses are eligible for Writing Fellow support?

       ·       Courses eligible for writing fellows are those designated as "Writing Intensive" in the Compass Curriculum.  
       ·       Courses with higher enrollments will receive priority for writing fellow placement.
       ·       Faculty members must reapply for writing fellows each semester for which they would like to participate in the program. Previous award of a writing fellow does not guarantee future award of a writing fellow. 
How do I identify a student to work as my writing fellow?
Individual faculty members, or their departments, should select a particular student to work as the course Writing Fellow. The Writing across the Curriculum Director will help prepare the student you designate to serve in the Writing Fellow role. The student selected must be eligible to work as a UCCS student employee.
As UCCS student employees, Writing Fellows may not work more than 25 hours per week across all of their campus jobs.  For more information, review the Maximum Hours Policy (UCCS Campus Policy 300-20) (link to:  //www.uccs.edu/Documents/vcaf/policies/2014/300-020%20StudentEmployFINAL6-14.pdf)
Note that students may not work until they have completed all necessary paperwork, including criminal background check, I-9, and W-4, with the UCCS Office of Student Employment.
When should I apply for a Writing Fellow?
The call for applications is distributed each semester via the UCCS Faculty and Staff email list.
Deadlines for applications are firm and on the following dates:
Spring 2016 Writing Fellow applications are due by December 1, 2015
Summer 2016 Writing Fellow applications are due by May 1, 2016
Fall 2016 Writing Fellow applications are due by June 1, 2016
For more information about the Writing Fellows Program, email Michelle Neely, Director of Writing across the Curriculum, at MNeely2@uccs.edu or call (719) 255-4887